ai, installation, runwayml, plastic
This project uses daily plastic items from our household through machine learning methods to predict the unseen process of decomposition of plastic.

Currently we are unable to see the process of the decomposing plastics which may take up for five hundred years or longer. I choose the machine learning methods to make this process visible.  I want to use this method in order to generate forms of the plastics that synthesize the process of decomposing, and to raise attention on the current plastic issues. 
> collect plastic objects
I started with by photographing a variety of plastic objects in order to get enough training items to improve the results of the process.
Using Runwayml as the machine learning tool, I implement three rounds of the training process. After each round I increased the numbers of the steps to get more distinctive forms,
> Generate Models
I selected the results that distinctively resemble plastic with the models generated by Runway.
The results is an installation for the plastic project revealing information and facts for each plastic objects.