Canico is a platform that brings together cat owners, providing an enriched cat owner experience by leveraging unique data collected from each cat's preferences. With Canico, every cat and their owner enjoy a customized app experience that caters to their specific needs.
> Problem

New Cat Owner Face Challenges

New cat owners often face a steep learning curve when it comes to taking care of their feline friends. From understanding their nutritional needs to litter box training, there are many aspects to consider, and without proper guidance, it can be overwhelming. Additionally, the vast amount of information available online can be confusing and contradicting, leaving cat owners unsure about the best practices. As a result, many new cat owners struggle to provide adequate care for their pets, leading to unnecessary stress and potential health issues.

> market research
I research about current pet market in the U.S. and find out more and more people are getting pets and willing to spend on their pets.
> competitor analysis
I analyzed my potential competitors, identify their pros and cons and using positioning matrix to find Canico's opportunity.
> User research
The article suggests that pet owners, including pet beginners, are increasingly turning to the internet and social media for information about pet care. As Gen-Z is a digitally-savvy generation, I decided to target them as the primary audience for Canico.

The Rising of Social Media

In an article Determinants of pet food purchasing decisions, stated that recommendations for pet food also appear to be important, with research consistently showing that veterinarians are the most common source of information for consumers regarding pet nutrition. However, the Internet and social media have become increasingly common sources of pet nutrition information (and misinformation) in recent years.

> User Interview
I created a survey and send to Gen-Z pet beginners and got 81 answers back. And I also conducted 5 interviews with my potential users who are struggling with the process and uses the result to form my persona.
> Peronsa
> How might we give pet beginners a quick start?
> How might we simplify the process for pet parent to find the correct food?
> How might we provide correct helpful information to the pet parent?

Next Steps...

Form partnerships with pet stores and veterinarians to provide discounts on products and services for Canico users. 

Testing Datas:
Continuously testing the data collected on different cats will help ensure that each sample brings us closer to creating a unique experience tailored to each individual cat.

Social media presence:
Develop a strong social media presence to reach out to more cat owners and promote the Canico platform.